Product Specs

16 Ga ¾” tubular steel
Powder Coated
Welded Seams
Weight 11.4 lbs
Dimensions in Closed-Carry Position
41 ¾” Height
13 7/8" Width
1 ½” Depth
Stainless steel 18-8 Hinge point hardware
550 Grade Paracord
Polymer Tac Link Carabiners
Wire Lock Tab Pins
Nitrile rubber ‘grips’ (made by Grab On Grips)
6.5” of height adjustment using Z Bar
Two means of ‘leveling’
See videos for all specification illustrations


Download the Base Camp Instruction Manual [download link]

Return Policy

All Standard Returns (no longer want/need item) must be returned to us within ten (10) days of receipt/delivery. Such return must be in new/unused condition with all of the original packaging and all pieces, components and 'extra' parts. Upon receipt of a return, we will inspect the condition of the items before making a refund. A Base Camp returned for this reason is subject to a $5.00 restocking fee to cover the cost of repackaging.

For the Return Types stated below, you must notify us of your return. You may choose to call us at 844-510-0742 or you may email We will provide you a return authorization number. All returns for reasons listed below must be returned to us within ten (10) days of receipt/delivery. Please provide your order # which is listed on your receipt when contacting us.

Damaged During Shipping
We will be glad to offer you a replacement or a refund in the form of the original payment method. Please note, in case of shipping damage, an insurance claim has to be finalized by the carrier before we are able to issue compensation or product replacement. Please keep the damaged item and packaging so that the carrier can examine it (if they choose to do so.)

Upon receiving your new Base Camp, if your Base Camp is defective in any way, we will replace the defective piece, part or the entire unit. We will also pay for the return shipment of these items.


The limited warranty will cover:

  1. The basic steel tubing sections of the Base Camp.
    The basic steel tubing sections are defined as the 3 sections of steel tubing that are welded together to form 3 distinct and separate pieces. The limited warranty would provide a replacement 'section' if a weld would come loose or break on a section. Replacement of a section for a broken weld is provided for a (1) year period that begins with the date of delivery/receipt of the Base Camp by the purchaser.

  2. The hardware components (which consists of the hinge bolt/nut/washer, wire lock tab pins, and Grab on Grips) are covered by a limited warranty that provides replacement for any of these items that would become defective within the first one (1) year period that begins with the date of delivery/receipt of the Base Camp by the purchaser. Due to the use-type of the Base Camp, which is heavy-use in the field, scratches to the powder coat finish are expected and thus are NOT covered under any limited or implied warranty.

Warranty Claims

Email us at and provide the following information:

  1. Name of purchaser
  2. Date of purchase
  3. Order #
  4. What is broken or defective?
  5. Your contact information

We will contact you within 48-hours of receipt of your claim and seek to resolve your issue in an expeditious manner. If your claim meets our warranty provision, we will replace the item at no cost to you and free shipping.

Warning & Dangers

Every Base Camp comes out of the box with 2 labels installed.

Label #1 WARNING! FALL HAZARD. Do not climb or stand on Base Camp.

Label #2 Loaded Weapon. Put weapon on SAFE. Stay behind Base Camp stand. For ground use only.

Precautionary Statements:

1. When opening and closing the Base Camp, be careful not to pinch your fingers in the sections that open and close into each other.

2. ALWAYS make sure the wire lock tab pins are securely fastened when securing the Z Bar to the stand for any and all functions.